• Introducing


    We are revolutionizing the way you think about nutrition! Our philosophy is that all bodies have different nutritional requirements. Each of our products is customizable to meet specific demands based on life stage and health and performance goals. Clean, health promoting, sustainable ingredients support the individual and the planet. Check back soon, our products are about to hit the market!

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  • Telling The World Our Story

    ThinkitDrinkit In The Media

    ThinkitDrinkit Co-Owners David Kania and Wayne Gryk have been recently featured on Better Connecticut and in the Hartford Business Journal. They announced upcoming products and brand building.

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  • This Summer

    We're Coming To Storrs!

    Our first retail location will be opening this winter in the Storrs Center Village located near the University of Connecticut. Customized personal nutrition will take the spotlight in a digital cafe-like setting. A suite of functional products, Nutrigenomic testing and customized team programs will further our mission to help everyone achieve peak performance and optimal health.

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  • Nutrigenomics

    We are thrilled to be a part of the life science development boom here in CT. We are currently developing nutrigenomic testing protocols which parallel hot topic functional medicine issues for a broad based consumer demographic. Our retail store will offer first to market non-invasive, affordable, evidence based DNA testing where results directly correspond to the most appropriate nutritional supplement solution in a comfortable, casual, non-clinical environment.

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  • Follow Our Journey

    ThinkitDrinkit Blog

    We pride ourselves on being cutting-edge in connecting consumers, information and healthy products in our community and to a global audience. As we strive to be innovators in the field of nutrition and education we are building an impactful presence within our community and here online. . . . follow us as we document our journey every step of the way!

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  • Health. Education. Change

    TiDi GiveBack

    TiDi GiveBack is the social action program of ThinkitDrinkit which partners with local organizations and businesses to engage underserved children in interactive nutrition education. We focus on science, health, and socially relevant topics which provide a path to understanding and developing healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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ThinkitDrinkit is a first mover in the realm of personalized nutrition. We have developed technology for interactive environments where consumers create

their own functional beverage blends – formulas which use ingredients proven to address very specific physiological needs and health goals.

Customization is an important part of our brand. It is one of the ways we can empower consumers to most effectively develop nutritional programs

targeting their individual lifestyles, cultures and genetic information. This approach forms the foundation for effective disease prevention

and health promotion. Our products will be available online and in retail stores.