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Our Mission

ThinkitDrinkit established an open space office in 2013 to collaborate with nutritionists, R&D specialists, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, nutrigenetic testing companies , ingredient formulators, athletes, and coaches to        integrate concepts of personalized nutrition, healthcare, and athletic performance into a new delivery system for dietary supplements.

The brand evolved to address how performance affects every aspect of our lives; how we look, how we feel, how we move, how we play and how we compete.The result is brick and mortar and online stores where consumers customize functional formulas to target physical and mental wellbeing.

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Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients are in powder form so they can be mixed on the go or easily added to the beverage of your choice.

 Our Partners

ThinkitDrinkit sources products from all over the globe.  Ingredients are carefully selected and must be well researched, meeting our stringent criteria for quality, and efficacy. We are committed to partnerships with suppliers supporting our leadership in innovation, reliability, traceability and sustainability.

Our Story

Wayne Gryk & David Kania founded ThinkitDrinkit, on the belief that everyone has the right to healthy living through good nutrition while also optimizing physical and mental performance. They believe in a personalized health-promoting future where all people have access to products which address their individual requirements across gender and life stage. This principle has been realized in a suite of functional products that are personalized in an interactive retail environment and online. In addition, cutting-edge nutrigenetic testing programs offer advanced functional solutions to support genetic and metabolic individuality.

In the growing nutrition sector, we are the new face of entrepreneurism in aligning, educating, and innovating aspirational solutions to systemic cultural problems. We help people of all ages achieve health goals, optimize performance, and cultivate healthy lifestyles using targeted, functional dietary supplementation.

We seek to provide the most efficacious dietary supplements for the best tasting functional beverages on the market that are personally designed by the customer. We strive for positive relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders – all sharing the common goal of a healthier tomorrow through individualized nutrition.