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    Pycnogenol® (pic-noj-en-all) is derived from a pine bark found in the south of France.  It has been shown to improve muscle oxygenation; and reduce muscle cramping, and pain for increased endurance.  When taken daily, Pycnogenol® can promote joint mobility, flexibility, and lower inflammation to help reduce joint pain. A potent antioxidant, Pycnogenol® may diminish spots and discoloration resulting in bright, healthy skin. Studies show Pycnogenol® can help skin with uneven pigmentation, typically seen on facial areas with high sun exposure.

    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $1.87


  • Quercetin Anhydrous - ThinkitDrinkit

    Quercetin Anhydrous


    Quercetin is a flavanoid, a type of plant-based antioxidant. Studies suggest that quercetin can improve the amount of energy our cells can produce, by increasing the number of mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of the cell. Quercetin can deliver the long-lasting natural energy you need at home, work, and play. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, to aid in the post-workout recovery process. Beyond its antioxidant properties, quercetin has been shown to improve endurance and performance in weekend warriors and elite athletes alike.

    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $0.31



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    RaceRunner™, a beet extract rich in the antioxidant betalain, provides fast‐acting, natural support for mobility and flexibility. RaceRunner™ can also improve endurance performance, and recovery by supporting a healthy inflammatory response to stress.

    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $0.66

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    ResistAid® is a natural immune health ingredient derived from North American larch trees. It supports both innate and adaptive immune systems as well as gastrointestinal health. ResistAid® consists of the soluble fiber arabinogalactan and bioactive flavonoids, and thus has antioxidant capacity as well.

    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $0.37


  • RhodioLife™ - ThinkitDrinkit



    RhodioLife™ is a plant extract – a powerful adaptogen, that supports healthy biological responses necessary for immunity, cardio pulmonary and endocrine systems. It supports sustained energy, physical performance and an increased capacity to handle stress and support mood.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.28



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    SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) can play a critical role in the aging process in both maintaining and improving mental performance and mood.  PhosphatidylSerine is important to key brain functions, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, and focus. SerinAid® has also been shown to help lower both physical and psychological stress while improving concentration.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.84


  • Spirulina - ThinkitDrinkit



    Spirulina is a blue-green algae that contains 65% protein by weight and provides numerous vitamins especially B12, beta carotene, iron, gamma-linoleic acid(GLA) and chlorophyll. Spirulina also contains a unique phytochemical pigment called Phycocyanin which has high antioxidant properties.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.49



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    Sustamine® is an ingredient that works on multiple levels to help rehydrate the body and sustain energy levels during exertion. Sustamine® is a revolutionary dipeptide that combines pure L-Glutamine and L-Alanine (amino acids) and enhances electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines.This unique dipeptide helps your body rehydrate, replenish and recover no matter how hard you push it. Sustamine®’s dipeptide structure is quickly and easily absorbed by the body, which means your muscles get the amino acids they need faster.It also stimulates glycogen synthesis, inhibits muscle protein breakdown and promotes the synthesis of muscle protein.

    Servings: 30    Price Per Serving: $1.00

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  • Workout Fitness Blend -ThinkitDrinkit

    Workout Fitness Blend


    Daily physical activity can improve your health, energy, and mood. Get the most out of your fitness program with this functional pre-mix that can allow you to optimize your exercise by improving strength, balance, endurance, and focus.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.50