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    Coconut Water Powder


    All-natural, organic Vita Forte Coconut Water Powder provides concentrated electrolyte benefits to rehydrate and recover after a workout or other strenuous activity. Coconut water can help to prevent muscle cramping after exercise or other instances of high water loss.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.66


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  • Coconut Water Powder – Coffee - ThinkitDrinkit

    Coconut Water Powder – Coffee


    Although a very mild flavor, this blend of strikes the perfect balance between sharp coffee, and sweet coconut. The sophisticated profile offers the replenishing electrolyte properties of coconut water, and a B-vitamin complex energy boost. This product is organic, allergen free, Kosher, non-GMO, gluten free

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.60


  • Coconut Water Powder – Orange - ThinkitDrinkit

    Coconut Water Powder – Orange


    The exotic yet mild orange-coconut flavor combination is super trendy, and offers the functional properties of coconut water. This luxury blend is derived from whole coconut boasting concentrated electrolytes, and a B-vitamin complex to help you rehydrate and replenish. This product is organic, allergen free, Kosher, non-GMO, and Gluten Free.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.60


  • Electrolyte Hydration Boost -ThinkitDrinkit

    Electrolyte Hydration Boost


    This electrolyte blend is a combination of B-vitamins, electrolytes, and ribose. Together they support fluid balance and hydration in our cells, tissues, and muscles.

    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $0.33


  • HydroMax® - ThinkitDrinkit



    Experience next-level hydration. Excel in heat and humidity, extend your exercise, and prolong endurance! HydroMax® is a uniquely optimized, highly concentrated, powdered form of glycerol.


    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $0.43



  • Kid's Multivitamin - ThinkitDrinkit

    Kids Multivitamin


    A multivitamin/multimineral supplement is important to your child’s health because he or she may not get enough vitamins and minerals from diet alone. This pre-mix has the added benefit of electrolytes to help keep your child hydrated during play and sports activities.


    Servings: 15   Price Per Serving: $0.40



  • $30.00



    Sustamine® is an ingredient that works on multiple levels to help rehydrate the body and sustain energy levels during exertion. Sustamine® is a revolutionary dipeptide that combines pure L-Glutamine and L-Alanine (amino acids) and enhances electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines.This unique dipeptide helps your body rehydrate, replenish and recover no matter how hard you push it. Sustamine®’s dipeptide structure is quickly and easily absorbed by the body, which means your muscles get the amino acids they need faster.It also stimulates glycogen synthesis, inhibits muscle protein breakdown and promotes the synthesis of muscle protein.

    Servings: 30    Price Per Serving: $1.00

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  • $30.00 / day

    Sustamine® 30 Days

    $30.00 / day
  • Workout Fitness Blend -ThinkitDrinkit

    Workout Fitness Blend


    Daily physical activity can improve your health, energy, and mood. Get the most out of your fitness program with this functional pre-mix that can allow you to optimize your exercise by improving strength, balance, endurance, and focus.

    Servings: 15    Price Per Serving: $0.50