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FruiteX-B® (calcium fructoborate) is a patented ingredient providing significant benefits in joint health, and also supports joint flexibility, joint health, and fights inflammation.


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Product Description

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Weight 3.40 g
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 6 cm

More Information

FruiteX-B® is a mineral carbohydrate complex which contains the trace element boron as it is found in nature.  Boron is essential to plant growth and they are able to take it up from the soil.  When we eat plants we are supplied with borates, but with fruit and vegetable consumption often low in the modern diet, we may be lacking this essential element.

Without enough boron, the absorption of calcium can be limited or underutilized as boron is essential in facilitating the bone-building function of calcium, along with magnesium and vitamin D.  Boron also benefits the joints and research suggests that low boron status may be associated with painful osteoarthritis, and indicates an important role for boron in promoting healthy joint structure and function.

FruiteX-B® is an ideal choice for boron supplementation to reduce joint pain, stiffness, and inflexibility.(1)  It is readily absorbed intact from the gastrointestinal tract and transported in the body as fructoborate, where it demonstrates high biological availability.  FruiteX-B® is also highly stable, which enables it to remain in a usable form much longer in the body.

A double-blind, placebo controlled study examined the effects of FruiteX-B® on joint health and included the widely used WOMAC and McGill questionnaires, which measure joint comfort and pain.  Subjects who took FruiteX-B® over fourteen days, showed a 29% improvement in WOMAC scores and a 27% improvement in McGill scores.  FruiteX-B® also reduced serum levels of the general inflammatory marker C-Reactive Protein(2).

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    • White
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    • Neutral taste
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    • Yogurt

*To experience the full benefits of your supplements make sure you are consuming the full recommended dose at the appropriate interval.


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