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Experience next-level hydration. Excel in heat and humidity, extend your exercise, and prolong endurance! HydroMax® is a uniquely optimized, highly concentrated, powdered form of glycerol.


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Product Description

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Additional Information

Weight 37.80 g
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 8 cm

More Information

HydroMax® is a 65% glycerol powder; glycerol being a sugar alcohol naturally occurring in the body.  When glycerol is ingested it is absorbed and distributed throughout the space within cells.  Here, it increases the osmolarity (solute concentration) of the compartment it is concentrated in, leading to an expansion of water volume called hyperhydration.  This effect is of particular interest to endurance athletes or anyone exercising in a hot, humid, or arid environment, who are at risk of total body water volume losses and dehydration.  

The skeletal muscle used during exercise produces a significant amount of heat which contributes to the raising of core body temperature.  Although sweating is the body’s main mechanism for diminishing the increase, this results in fluid losses.  When total body water is reduced by greater than 2%, there are adverse effects on athletic/exercise performance.  HydroMax® is an alternative mode of regulating body temperature without fluid loss.(1)  The hyperhydration effect of HydroMax® is also performance enhancing and has been shown to increase endurance time and lower heart rate.(2)


  1. Anderson, M. J., Cotter, J. D., Garnham, A. P., Casley, D. J., & Febbraio, M. A. (2001). Effect of glycerol-induced hyperhydration on thermoregulation and metabolism during exercise in heat. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 11(3), 315-333.
  2. Montner, P., Stark, D. M., Riedesel, M. L., Murata, G., Robergs, R., Timms, M., et al. (1996). Pre-exercise glycerol hydration improves cycling endurance time. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 17(1), 27-33.


DISCLAIMER: Glycerol is considered a plasma expander masking agent and is banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).  College and professional athletes should be consult with their trainer before taking.


  • Color (in powder form)
    • White
  • Product Flavor Profile (mixed with 8-10 oz. water)
    • Neutral taste
  • Suggested Flavor Pairings
    • Any: Works well with all of our 12 flavor offerings. Choose your favorite!
  • Alternative Uses: Add to…
    • Cold Beverages (juice, milk, iced tea, etc.)
    • Sports Drinks
    • Smoothies
    • Yogurt


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